1. Spryker Partner Sales Training  a total of 8 hours of video tutorials, presentations, white papers and quizzes - great for evaluating Spryker from a business side and onboarding Sales managers.
  2. Partner Sales Certification Exam includes 75 questions to test your knowledge and understanding of the Spryker Commerce OS business and technical capabilities.
  3. Additional resources for you to learn more about Spryker:
  • Partner Sales Workshop Recording - the collection of video recordings of the workshop which took place in April 2019, which is provided for free to Spryker partners. Contact us at academy@spryker.com to get free access to the recordings.
  • Documentation - a comprehensive documentation center that includes Module Guide, Product Roadmap, Release notes, API documentation and much more.
  • Spryker TV - your central resource for Spryker product-related videos covering end-user functionality and more advanced concepts.

Follow your own pace: either take the exam just after completing the Spryker Partner Sales Training or receive a voucher to take the exam at a later time. All the additional resources are optional.

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