Developer Learning Path

This learning path describes the different resources we developed for our Spryker Commerce OS developers. They follow a chronological learning path to support your onboarding and successful progress towards deepening your skills and capabilities.

  1. Video Library - A useful resource full of all our product-related videos covering end-user functionality and more advanced concepts.
  2. Documentation - A comprehensive documentation center that includes Module Guide, Product Roadmap, Release notes, API documentation and much more.
  3. Developer Bootcamp - A total of 15 hours of video tutorials and hands-on exercises for developers new to Spryker - Great for evaluating Spryker from a technical aspect and onboarding new developers.
  4. Developer Foundations Workshop - A 4-Day Developer Workshop that builds upon the knowledge you learned in the Spryker Bootcamp and the experience you gained working with Spryker. 
  5. Spryker Developer Foundations Certification Exam - Meant to be taken only after at least 3 solid months of actively developing with the Spryker Commerce OS. This certification exam is a 100 question exam that tests your knowledge and understanding of the Spryker Commerce OS.

    This exam is available in one of 2 ways: 
  • Take the exam on the last day of the Developer Foundations Workshop (or receive a voucher to take the exam at a later time).
  • Take the Standalone Certification Exam. Only developers who completed the Spryker Bootcamp and can prove they have over 6 months of hands-on experience working with Spryker will be able to take the exam. 
    Please note: if you take the standalone exam and do not pass, you will be required to take the Developer Foundations Workshop before you can retake the Certification Exam.