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Spryker for Business Introduction course - a total of 2 hours of video episodes, presentations, white papers, and quizzes - great for taking your first tour to the Spryker OS capabilities and services in a nutshell.  

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Spryker for Business Foundations B2C (bundle) - this bundle contains the materials, instructions, tips & tricks for successful administration of an online store in the Spryker Back Office. The training consists of three parts or mini-courses: Product Catalog Management, Fulfillment Management, and Content Management. Bonus Module: Spryker Back Office Administration (a short overview of Roles, Groups, and User permissions in the Spryker Suites).


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As an option, you are free to take any course from the bundle separately as a standalone course:  

1. Spryker Product Catalog Management course - a complete e-learning course that explains Spryker Demosuite capabilities in the field of Product catalog management. The course includes video tutorials on how to create and manage products in a catalog, hands-on activities, reading materials as well as marketing and Spryker hints. 


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2. Spryker Fulfillment Management course - this short course illustrates the basic jobs-to-be-done that a fulfillment and inventory manager has to face while keeping an eye on a product stock in the Spryker Back Office. 


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3. Spryker Content Management course the e-learning course that is designed to deepen your knowledge and skills of managing Spryker CMS. It contains the CMS functionality overview, including the latest January 2020 release, video tutorials, marketing tips, etc.  


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Spryker for Business Foundations (B2B) - a comprehensive e-learning course full of video episodes, practical tasks, and proven approaches on how to handle a Spryker B2B Shop.


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Spryker Project Management - a thorough e-learning course to a modern way of managing Spryker projects to make them top. It includes Spryker technical overview, management best practices, and services viable to any project size, e-commerce type (B2C, B2B, Marketplace), and development phase (prototyping, discovering, implementing, and rolling out). 


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Spryker Marketplace Foundations - a broad e-learning course developed to arm you with the key Spryker Marketplace features. 


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Test yourself and prove your knowledge and skills with the Spryker Business Certification Programs:

Spryker Business Foundations Certification Exam - an exam that will test your understanding of the fundamental Spryker business concepts. It suits business users who have hands-on experience working with Spryker and have completed the Spryker for Business Foundations B2C Bundle and the Spryker for Business Foundations B2B course. 


Additional resources: 

Documentation - a comprehensive documentation center that includes Product Roadmap, Release notes, User guides, and much more. 

Spryker TV - your central resource for Spryker product-related videos covering end-user functionalities and more advanced concepts.

Enjoy the learning and progress through the course and assignments at your own pace. 

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