Course details

Course description: This course is a free introduction training developed for non-technical users to start learning about Spryker. This is the first course in the Spryker for Business learning path and it provides the basic knowledge needed to proceed with more advanced courses. 

Format: Online Course                          Price: Free     

Language: English                                Accreditation: Certificate of completion     

Level: Beginner

Target audience: anyone interested in Spryker and willing to learn about its technology concepts, products and services

Duration: 2 hours

What will you be able to do after the course?

  • Explain what the Spryker is
  • Describe the Spryker architecture in a bird-eye view
  • Name Spryker products and their key functionalities
  • Name Spryker Services in terms of partnership, support and learning
  • Find learning opportunities to explore Spryker further

What will you get after completing the course?

After completing the course, you will get the certificate of completion and will be able to proceed with the next courses from the Spryker for Business learning path.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course

    • Welcome to Spryker for Business Introduction course

  • 02

    Module 1: What is Spryker?

    • Module overview: What is Spryker?

    • Spryker Commerce OS at a glance

    • Explaining Spryker architecture: Modularity

    • Explaining Spryker architecture: API-First, Headless commerce

    • Headless commerce. Demo

    • Understanding middleware

    • Module 1 Quiz

  • 03

    Module 2: Introduction to Spryker Services

    • Module overview: Introduction to Spryker Services

    • Technology Partnership

    • Solution Partnership

    • Customer Success Management

    • Documentation and Academy

  • 04

    Module 3: Meet Spryker Products and Commerce Solutions

    • Module overview: Meet Spryker Products

    • B2C Demoshop overview

    • B2C Case Study: Rose Bike

    • Сlick & Collect & Delivery Commerce Solution. Demo

    • B2B Demoshop overview

    • B2B Case Study: Metro

    • Spryker Marketplace Demo

    • Module 3 Quiz

  • 05

    Module 4: Learn more about Spryker

    • Module overview: Learn more about Spryker

    • Requesting a demo

    • Learning Developer Foundations

    • Learning Business Foundations

  • 06

    Course Final

    • So, what's next...

    • Final Survey

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